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Connecting to Belvo API

In order to use Belvo API, you will have to login into a new session by using a secret key.

Secret keys are generated from the Belvo API dashboard. For more information, please visit our Developers portal


def __init__(secret_key_id: str, secret_key_password: str, url: str = None) -> None:

You must provide secret_key_id and secret_key_password.

The url tells the client to which Belvo API host should attempt to connect, this allows you to switch from a sandbox to a production environment.

You can also set which Belvo API host to use, by setting the BELVO_API_URL environment variable.

When creating a new instance of Client, it will automatically perform a login and create a JWTSession (if the credentials are valid).


# Creating a client instance to connect to Belvo API
from belvo.client import Client

my_client = Client(

# Creating a client that takes url from the environment.
# We assume that you have set BELVO_API_URL before 
# (e.g. export BELVO_API_URL=
my_client = Client(

Nested resources

All resources in the Belvo API are nested attributes in your client instance, these resources are available only if you provide valid credentials.

Available resources

  • Institutions
  • Links
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Owners
  • Invoices
  • TaxReturns
  • TaxStatus
  • Statements
  • WidgetToken